International House

IntHouse1The Northwestern University International House (NWU-IH), a co-ed dormitory and hostel operates and provides housing for foreign students, exchange professors affiliated with the university and participants of university sponsored seminars/workshops. It welcomes Northwestern students as house residents.

The International House is a concrete three-storey building located at the   eastern side of the University Campus. It has 71 rooms including the office of the matron and can accommodate 194 clients.    

Each room is fully air-conditioned with toilet and bath. Amenities such as beds, closets, tables, and push-in chairs are provided. The International House also includes a cafeteria, launderette and resident-student lounge. Each room is provided with an electric meter for accurate measure of monthly energy consumption.

Security is provided by two (2) security guards, CCTV cameras and a house matron.

Common areas are also available to provide residents spaces where they can congregate outside their dormitory/hostel rooms. These include a conference room, a study area of each floor, outdoor garden, and courtyard. These places may be used for meetings, group study and/or socialization /relaxation. Residents must be respectful of the rights of other students who share these places and must be mindful of the noise generated.



Provides a place to learn and develop one’s skill and character which will harness the potential of the university student and become a globally competent professional.


House Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are set to make dormitory life pleasant and safe for all students. They are established not to limit the freedom of the residents but instead to secure it. Students desiring to be accommodated in the dormitory are required to accomplish the Registration Form (NWU-IH Form No.01) and Room Inventory Form (NWU-IH Form No.02) at the beginning of each academic year or term. Upon signing, students agree to observe the following guidelines:

1. Dormitory Fees

  1. Upon checking-in the International House requires each student-resident to pay one (1) month deposit, one (1) month advance of accommodation and energy fee. The one month advance payment will be applied to the current month, while the deposit fee will be refunded in full or a fraction thereof as soon as   the resident-student checks out of the dorm. Fines and damages incurred during his/her   residence are charged against the deposit fee. Likewise, energy fee advance payment shall be refunded at the end of the term.
  2. Monthly billing is available at the office of the matron. All business transactions are receipted and done at the finance office.
  3. Monthly dues shall be paid not later than the first five-working days of the current month. Non-payment within the prescribed period is subject to sanctions.
  4. Monthly dues include dormitory fee for the month and energy consumption of the previous month (as per meter reading) except the first month.

2. International House Property

   Students are responsible in the upkeep of bedrooms and furnishings. Specific house regulations include: 

  1. Furniture may not be removed from the dormitory, from the common room, from one room to another, or from the hallways.
  2. Beds other than those provided by the University as regular furniture are not permitted in the dormitory. Students may not build loft- type beds or other structures.
  3. Beds may not be disassembled. Bed frames, mattresses, head and footboards may not be removed.
  4. Only removable plastic adhesives should be used to attach decorations to the walls. Use of nails or tape is not allowed.
  5. Students must not mark or mar walls, doors and floors. Decals or contact papers should not be attached to walls, doors, windows, floors, ceilings and room furnishings.
  6. Needed repairs should be reported to Manager and should not be attempted by student.
  7. Students should not display neon, commercial signs, or generally offensive materials from their dormitory room windows or put in/infringe technical     installations of any kind in the building.
  8. Reminder. The last to leave the room should make sure that the lights and air-conditioning units are switched off and all faucets and shower are closed.

3. Care of Personal Possessions

   There are basic personal items that a resident must possess when he/she checks in (NWU-IH Form No. 09). The International House is not responsible for personal losses. Students should take precautions to protect personal belongings from theft, fire and water damage. To ensure security, the following regulations shall be observed:

  1. Room doors should be closed all the time to prevent theft. The management assumes no financial responsibility for lost or stolen properties. Resident should contact the matron immediately in case of theft or intrusions by unauthorized person/s.
  2. Dormitory room door keys should be used only by students/residents to whom they are issued, and shall surrender to the matron at the end of each   semester.
  3. Car, motorcycle or electronic equipment should be declared upon registration (NWU-IH Form No.10 ).

4. Prohibition of Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

The International House is a substance-free establishment. The residents are therefore expected to observe the   following   regulations:

  1. Residents should not possess or use alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal substances within the confines of the room, common areas, and hallways. They will not be admitted to the dorm while under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances.
  2. Pot sessions and other drug-related activities are strictly prohibited.
  3. The use of incense and candles are likewise prohibited in the dormitory.

5. Prohibition of Firearms, Sharp-bladed objects and Pornography Items

   Firearms, sharp-bladed objects and pornography items are not allowed in the International House.


6. Visitation, Curfew & Silence Hours.

  • The dormitory is open to visitors on the following schedule:
    • Monday – Friday           4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    • Saturday – Sunday     10:00 AM –10:00 PM 

              Call slips are available at the office of the matron (NWU-IH Form No.03). However, parents/guardians are free to visit their children/ward on:

    • Monday –Sunday           10:00 AM-10:00 PM
  • Visitation restrictions shall be employed to student residents on the request of parents/guardians. Forms are available and should be    accomplished accordingly (NWU-IH Form No.04).
  • Visitation inside the rooms is not allowed. Residents should receive their visitors at the canteen/conference room. However, parents/guardians may visit their children in their respective rooms, provided permission is granted by the matron and the privacy and study/sleep time of the room-mates are not violated.
  • Overnight stay of visitors is not allowed. Overnight/week-end stay of residents outside the campus maybe allowed provided there is permission of the parent/guardian and approved request by the matron (NWU-IH Form No.06 ).
  • Curfew  time is 10:00 PM. However, special arrangements for extension could be made provided the form for this purpose is accomplished and duly approved by the matron. This will serve as a “pass” to be presented to the guard at the gate when leaving and entering the campus (NWU-IH Form No. 07 ).
  • The management does not permit dormitory room parties.
  • Public comfort rooms in the International House are closed at 10:00 PM.
  • The International House prescribes Silence Hours from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM from Monday-Friday to secure the right of students to read and study, free from unreasonable noise and other distractions.

7. Sign-in/Sign-out Logbook

   A logbook is maintained at the office of the matron (NWU-IH Form No.11). A resident is required to sign-in/sign-out in the logbook whenever he/she arrives/ leaves the campus.     

8. Fire Codes

   Students are expected to observe the following fire code regulations.

  1. The International House is equipped with alarm system and fire extinguishers. Tampering them is a university offense.
  2. Hallways must be kept clear at all times. Bicycle racks are installed near the office of the matron.
  3.  Fireworks and firecrackers are not permitted in the dormitory.
  4. Heating/lighting devices which produce open flame are not allowed in the dormitory. These include candles and kerosene lamps. The use   of hot plates, toaster ovens, hot irons and coffee pots are not allowed in the rooms. Cooking inside the room is prohibited. 

9. Cohabitation

   Cohabitation is not allowed in the International House.

10. Pets

   Residents should not own, feed or keep pets in the dormitory, or anywhere in the university area. Violation will incur penalty.

11. Vandalism

   Intentional breaking of glass (bottles, windows, etc.), or defacing of NWU-IH   property is prohibited and will  result to suspension/dismissal  from the dormitory.

12. Rights held by NWU International House

   The International House reserves the right:

  1. of entry by authorized personnel for inspection and repair, for disciplinary purposes upon reasonable cause to suspect violations of NWU-IH regulations in an emergency, or for any appropriate reason;
  2. to levy and collect charges for damage to, unauthorized use of or alterations to room and equipment;
  3. to remove unauthorized or improperly used equipment;
  4. to reassign, evict or levy fines against students who violate the rules of the dormitory.

13. Moving Out

  1. Students are expected to leave their rooms in a clean and orderly state at the end of the term.
  2. The room shall be inspected by the matron/her representative. A checkout form shall be accomplished. This will be checked against the Room Inventory Form accomplished upon registration to determine losses and damages incurred
  3. The set of keys shall be surrendered to the matron as the resident moves out for the term.
  4. Each student – resident is required to accomplish NWU-IH Form No. 13 in  triplicate.

          The distribution is as follows:

    • original – student
    • duplicate – matron
    • triplicate – security guard on duty at Gate 3 

14. Transients

   Transients are alumni and participants of university sponsored seminars and workshop. They are housed at the International House-hostel. They are also subjected to the house rules and regulations whenever applicable. 

15. Penalties

   Penalties are imposed to residents who willfully violate the above rules and regulations. These include but not limited to:

  1. fine
  2. payment of damages incurred
  3. outright exclusion / expulsion from the International House for the rest of the term when the violation was committed.

   Any violations observed shall be reported to the matron. Forms are   available at the office (NWU-IH Form No. 12).



    The NWU-International House includes amenities that provide comfort, convenience and leisure. Among others are the following:

1. Food Service - The university cafeteria serves food on Monday-Saturday in the following schedule

  • Breakfast                     7:00AM-10:00AM
  • Lunch                          10:00AM-1:00PM
  • Supper                         5:00AM-7:00PM
  • Snacks                        8:00AM-5:00PM

2. Laundry Service

Laundry Service is provided by accredited laundry-women and/or self-service coin-operated launderette.

  1. Official laundry women shall be provided by the management.Schedule of pick-up/delivery and fees shall be posted.
  2. Self-service launderette is located at the first floor of the International House. It is provided with washing and drying (spinner) facilities. The fee is based on the weight of the laundry. The price/kilo shall be posted. It is open until 7:00 PM, Monday-Sunday.

3. Sports Facilities

  • swimming pool
  • tennis/basketball courts
  • sports oval

4. Communication Facilities

  • telephone
  • wifi


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