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FCJ-053 Pervasive Gaming: Formats, Rules and Space

Bo Kampmann Walther University of Southern Denmark Introduction Computer games that move beyond the static screen and into the real, social and tangible world, as well as those that rely on massive networked, virtual spaces are becoming increasingly wide-spread. In Human PacMan the player collects virtual bits of cheese in a real, physical space (see […]

FCJ-052 Playing at being mobile: Gaming and cute culture in South Korea

Larissa Hjorth RMIT University Globally, South Korea has become a bit of a fetish in the (global) games culture phenomenon. Games are a serious business saturating everyday life and many South Koreans prefer their PCs (with online multiplayer games) to TV (Cho 2005). Seoul is an exemplary model of the ubiquity of gaming culture; highlighting […]

FCJ-051 Mods, Nay! Tournaments, Yay! – The Appropriation of Contemporary Game Culture by the U.S. Military

David B. Nieborg University of Amsterdam United States (U.S.) Army recruiting did not seem to be a problem after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. However, the ongoing war on terror calls for more soldiers and thus more recruits. Operation Iraqi Freedom in particular has put heavy strains on the available manpower of the Army. A […]

FCJ-050 Cameras, Radios, and Butterflies: the Influence and Importance of Fan Networks for Game Studies

Laurie N. Taylor University of Florida Collecting and Interpreting: Walkthroughs, CliffsNotes, & IMDB As a new medium, video games can be analyzed under some of the similar rubrics of other media. However, because of the fundamental differences between video games and older media, including the requirement of skilled user action, alterations to this categorization prove […]

FCJ-049 Negotiating Intra-Asian Games Networks: On Cultural Proximity, East Asian Games Design, and Chinese Farmers

Dean Chan Edith Cowan University The East Asian online games boom started in South Korea in the late 1990s. Following unqualified domestic success, South Korean games were subsequently exported to other regional markets throughout East and South East Asia. During this time, game development companies specialising in online games for the Asian market also emerged […]

FCJ-048 Land of a Couple of Dances: Global and Local Influences on Freestyle Play in Dance Dance Revolution

Gillian “Gus” Andrews – Columbia University As a few scholars of media have begun to note, Actor-Network Theory is uniquely suited to unite the disparate models of the social role of media presented throughout the past century. Where some social constructivist scholars worry that Marshall McLuhans work attributes too much agency to media products themselves, […]

Issue 08 – Gaming Networks

‘It is increasingly difficult to think of cultural formations as distinct entities because of our awareness of the increased interconnectedness of our communication systems’, writes Tiziana Terranova in her 2004 book Network Cultures, and nowhere is this felt more acutely than in the domain of computer games. Phenomena such as Pok√©mon, which sweep the entire […]